A Great Gift for Children

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Posted by Matthew Grishman
· 23 August, 2022

These two young men are chasing their dreams. Lucas is headed to Mammoth this winter to follow his dream of working and living in the snow. Miles is finishing flight school and getting closer to becoming a 787 Dreamliner captain. They are both thriving and it’s awesome to watch!

But thriving has come at a cost. It’s not free and it’s certainly not pain-free.

My boys have both experienced an enormous amount of resistance and struggle. Their journeys have been hard. They’ve both fallen down. They both have wanted to quit. Several times!

As their Dad, it’s been exhilarating AND frightening to watch. But without struggle, discovering their passion and chasing their dreams would not be possible.

So many people I meet work as hard as they can to make it easier for their children. They do everything in their power to remove pain and clear obstacles, all in the spirit of “helping”. This is how I used to parent.

It’s hard to see my boys fail. It’s hard to see them hurt. But that’s how much I love them. I love them so much that I’m willing to be very uncomfortable myself – keeping my mouth shut, not trying to take their pain away, and letting life itself be their Chief Consequence Officer.

This has been one of the greatest gifts Amie and I have given our boys: STRUGGLE.

They are more resilient men because of it. They are chasing their dreams because of it!

I was in the podcast studio with Jim Gebhardt, CFP recently and this was the topic of our conversation – the gift of struggle.

Is it hard for you to watch your children struggle? Are you trying to take away their pain? I understand why you might do that. But you are robbing them of one of life’s greatest gifts if you do.

Tap or click the following link to listen in on why struggle is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children:

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