The Wealthiest People I Know

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Posted by Matthew Grishman
· 25 July, 2022

… Have an intimate, unconditionally loving relationship with their past self, their present self, and their future self.

… Have a small inner circle of people called family or tribe that brings them great energy and loves them unconditionally

… Have great clarity on their purpose, their singular significant skill set, and the delivery method with which they give it to the world every day

… Have a lot of laughter and fun built into the fabric of everyday life.

… Are clear on the places and experiences that bring the greatest sense of joy and happiness into their lives.

… Believe money is a precious resource that creates deeper human connection and amplifies the impact of their purpose on society.

… have lived the Wealth FORMation Experience™ as described above … Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money

… have recognized the three key components for having great wealth is the relationship with self, the relationship with people, and the relationship with money.

… have achieved Financial Sobriety by making wealth a journey rather than a destination

book cover of financial sobriety
Financial Sobriety: Rebuilding Your Relationship With Money One Step at a Time

Have you ever had challenges in your relationship with money? Have those challenges affected your relationship with the people in your life? Have those challenges affected how you feel about yourself?